Semester 2 Year 1 University of the Sunshine Coast


Semester 2 at university is over as I am submitting my last assessment, though technically it will be over once I get my grades. It was harder than the Semester 1 and also a bit disappointing. I’m studying a bachelor of Creative Writing, so I expected there would be a lot of writing. After all, learning how to write better, the techniques, how to unleash creativity and anything else about the craft of writing are some of my goals.

In Semester 1, we mainly had introductory subjects.  Playing with Words: an Introduction to Creative Writing Craft was my favourite subject and it is such a brilliant book I highly recommend it. I learned so much from it. We had to do write 300 words every week and were given feedback. We have such a long break in between semesters too, that I want to be writing as much as I can while I have professional supervision, encouragements and feedback. I felt I had progressed. Then came the long break and no more deadlines. Giving myself a deadline is just not the same. Writing is all bout discipline and I also feel that university is not really teaching us that either. Though it could be argued it is a given I guess.

I managed to write my 2500-word short story, but it wasn’t easy. My first draft was terrible and ended up doing a different story with a different genre: Bridget Jones’s Diary (The subject revolved mainly about it is Semester 2 alongside Gone Girl and Sex And The City).

I haven’t read Bridget Jones’s Diary and only watched the first movie, which I enjoyed. It wasn’t the best movie of all times, but it was funny and I could relate to some of it. I’ve never read Sex and The City, loved both movies but never watched the TV series. I read Gone Girl before I went to see the movie at the cinema and I loved both. Then I read The Girl On The Train. When I finished the book, I wanted to see a movie. I was excited when I heard the movie was coming out. At the time of writing, I still have not seen the movie.

It is The Girl On The Train that gave me the obsession of reading mostly psychological thrillers nowadays. I love the twisted characters, the twisted plots, and I love the fact I can never figure out the ending. Most of the time it is not even the happy ending I kind of expect, because who doesn’t love a happy ending, right? But it’s okay. I still enjoy reading those stories, even when they end sadly. Eventually, I would love to write a thriller. I’ve been thinking about it since I’ve read The Girl On The Train and every time I read a book in this genre, I’m always wondering how did the author came up with such a brilliant story with all its wicked twists and characters?

I would have liked to hear more about how to develop a plot rather than talking mostly about chick lit books. A couple of lectures about the different genres would have been enough. I wanted weekly writing practice and weekly homework dammit!

I dropped out of Criminology as the first assessment was an essay and I struggled. I passed  with “lovely writing but not exactly explaining the argument”. I’m aware I will have to write essays while studying at university, but I would like to avoid having to write about subject I am more or less interested in. When I was faced with a 2000-word assessment about the theories of crimes, I decided it wasn’t for me. If I ever get to write about a crime in a story, I have Google to do my research or I can interview people in the industry. In a few afterwords I’ve read, many authors thank people they have interviewed to help them write a situation.

Instead of Criminology I will do a Social Media minor which is more my cup of tea and complementing my web design business. The subject has plenty of writing: blog posts and social media content. I’m quite excited about this study.

I enjoyed the Introduction to Journalism and looking forward to a second subject. At this point I am not sure if I will do it as a minor and finish with a bachelor of Journalism. I am hoping USC wild introduce a minor in Editing. I have not had enough of the Editing for the Communications Professional classes and feel there is surely more to learn even though I already have a Cert IV in Editing and Professional Writing.

With editing came the introduction of Adobe InDesign program and I was thrilled. I’ve always wanted to learn how to use InDesign and my business’ newsletter is made with InDesign, and because I love the Adobe programs. I just don’t have time to learn them all unfortunately (if only I didn’t have to waste time sleeping lol).

I will be doing one subject over the summer break. I didn’t know you could do that for a few subjects. There are not many choices and Media Publishing: Law & Ethics is the only subject within my degree that I can do over summer, and compulsory if I carry on with Journalism so I may as well do it now. Besides, this is one of the less exciting subjects I’d rather do on its own.


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