My journey into creative writing

My journey into creative writing

This website had a little accident. Yes, accidents do happen on the Internet. And I’m the queen of back ups and enjoy reminding my web design clients about doing so, yet when something happens, I can’t be bothered with restoring: I always take it as a sign to start over, to start fresh. So here I am starting anew with this website. It’s also good timing to introduce my journey through the University of Sunshine Coast, even though semester one is already coming to an end (finally).

This website is about my journey into creative writing. I’ve always loved to write and I have vivid memories of writing stories in class and getting good grades for them too. I’ve always had a journal. I even shared a journal with my best friend in high school. It was an idea from someone or something, I can’t remember from who or what though, it was so long ago. Every night one of would take it home and write what happened. We would take turn on school holidays. I think it lasted about a year, until the friendship ended dramatically.

I carried on my journalling over the years with the idea that one day I would write a book. And I did. A memoir disguised behind a novel. Bu that’s another story for another day.

My journey into creative writingGoing thought the process of writing and publishing made me realise I had lots to learn. That’s how I started by studying a certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing in 2015. Through those studies, I discovered screenwriting. It was an elective I had chosen with journalism. Both I liked. For both I wanted to learn more about it. To learn more about, I had to study more. To study more, I chose to go to University, which brings me here.

I’m doing a bachelor of Creative Writing and my minors are Journalism and Criminology. I chose Journalism as it was an elective for my Cert IV and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is not so much as to become a journalist, I am more interested in learning the craft of writing like a journalist. As for criminology, since most of the books I read involve a crime, I thought I would be a good idea to have a bit more knowledge in that “industry”.

I can’t waiter year 2 as we will start studying screenwriting which is probably my favourite type of writing at the moment. I have been working on my TV pilot (link here) since I entered a USA contest in 2016 and got into the top 50. My dialogue is what let me down and failed to get into the top 10. Considering that I was competing with 3000-5000 contestants who probably had years of experience and degrees in the Film Industries, I didn’t do too bad. My coverage gave me a score of 75 confirming my on-the-nose dialogue and a few plot holes which I knew about it, I just was not too sure on how to fix them. My TV pilot is a work in progress on the side.

I’ve reached the end of year one, semester one. I’m proud: I survived and to my surprise, I even collected a few high distinctions on the way.

One of my final assessments is to build a website for my subject “Introduction To The Creative Industries”. The website has to meet the university criteria. It will also serve as my portfolio for my time at university and as a possible career as a writer of some sorts. I say a “writer of some sorts” because there are so many types of writers: novelists, screenwriters, ghostwriters, copywriters, journalists, poetry writers, columnists, translators, songwriters, etc. I am not too sure in which category I will fit in. For now, for me, it is all about learning then decide or take on opportunities that may present themselves such as which I will be working on during my university break. was part of an assessment where as a group we had to come up with a business idea. The one thing I learned: group work can be difficult. None of us are on campus at on the same or at the same time. None of us live in the same city and some live a few hours away. Then you also have the people who don’t want to do anything, the one that want to do everything and the narrow minded people, just to name a few.

I definitely will not be a poetry writer, that I know for sure. In our Creative Writing class for the first semester, a lot of it was about poetry. Although I have enjoyed learning something new, I am still not a fan of poetry. I did come up with one little poem – if that is considered a poem – for our ten-sentence exercise which I will be posting (here).

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