Blog Challenge - Introduction

Blog Challenge - Introduction

Just so I stay inspired and in the habit of writing daily and more than I usually write, I’ve decided to take on a 31-day blog challenge. Whether I do it in 31 days is another matter. I have several blogs to maintain, and I want to be able to write for all of them. So this challenge might end-up a 31-week one instead. We shall see.

Blog Challenge Post #1: Introduction

My name is Prisqua. Divorced & single, I’ll be 45 this year. I have two children who are grown-ups. My daughter is turning 23 and my son will be 19. They both live nearby, so I see them regularly, though I see more of my daughter than my son. For a living I setup websites for small businesses and individuals as well as teaching the basic details that having a professional online presence entails.

This website originally serves as a placeholder for my published book, but since I don’t plan on writing another novel in the near future, I’m using it for my studies as we are required to have an online portfolio. In semester one, one of my assessments was to present a website or a social profile, depending on the requirements in your industry. In my case, it’s an author’s website.

Outside university, I don’t have the motivation to write anymore. Not too sure why. Not that I don’t want to write, on the contrary, I so want to write. I always have ideas. I can write a whole novel while I’m having a shower. In my head. Once I’m in front of the screen or notebook, it’s a different story and I ended up just staring.

So let’s see how this will go. This is my own personal challenge. I dare myself to write every day.

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