My book

Parallel Shades Of Normality

When life hurts this much there’s got to be a happily ever after, the light at the end of the tunnel, a reason for everything, hasn’t there?

This is the story about two women who fight through the struggles of life in two completely different ways. One woman strives to keep a desperate grip on reality whilst the other immerses herself in a virtual escape to deal with her pain. From being a mother to finding love on the other side of the world, the story will take you on an emotional roller-coaster. Two worlds collide as we travel through time with them, sharing the laughter and tears.

Australia. Imagine a woman who would not be seen dead without wearing her make-up, hair done, classy attire and definitely dressed to impress, doing her job as an administration assistant. Then imagine going to the movies and in the waiting room with a few arcade games you see this woman, a business type of woman, high heels, holding a gun playing Time Crisis. You may shake your head in disbelief but that is exactly where you might just stumble across Zéphirine whilst she indulges in one of her gaming kicks.

Across the other side of the world, somewhere in the UK, there’s a woman who likes to not be seen, who always throws on the ballet pumps and it’s not until she’s halfway to where she’s going that the realisation of her appearance dawns on her. Hair tied back in a bundled pony, not a hint of makeup and a distinctly frazzled aura always chases her like a dark cloud. It’s not that Allanah is dirty or unkempt, it’s partly due to thinking the mirror is no friend of hers and partly because everyone else is more important in her world than she is to herself.

These two women couldn’t be more different. Two separate lives living at opposite ends of the globe, yet their lives are more intertwined than they will ever know. Their experiences that shape them in childhood, through their teenage years and married lives lead them to both want the exact same thing.

Every woman’s journey is filled with hardship and pain, we join the both of them as they strive to make sense of their experiences and conquer love, life and happiness.

Although it’s sure to make you smile and wonder, it’s not a story of complete happiness and laughter. Family feud, drugs, cheating, abuse, lies and betrayal, are just a few things the reality of life hurled at them.

Chasing Rainbows, Parallel Shades Of Normality is on distribution channels all over the world in paperback & digital formats: Amazon & Kindle, Barnes & Noble & Nook, Books a Million,  iTunes.