I’m struggling. I am reading books I would never have read if it was not for that stupid challenge! Yes, stupid. What got into me to want to do this? Because I can’t say no to a challenge so I will do it, I will make it.

I read approximately two books a week. One audio book I listen to on my daily walks or walking anywhere and at the gym. If I sit down to listen to an audio book, I will fall asleep.

Audio books and the Book Reading Challenge updateI discovered audio books about a year ago. Not that I did not know about them. I was never in a situation where I had the need or reason to listen to one. Until I got this temp job at an accounting firm. It was a tedious task hidden in the archive room. At first, I decided to listen to music. But I have to be in a special mood to listen to music. Usually I listen to music only when driving. Sometimes I will put music on to sleep. The problem with listening to music is that my mind will take control and I will think and overthink until I get a headache.

I knew I had a few audio files on my computer so I decided to upload them to my iPhone for my next shift.

I can’t remember what was my first audio book. It was some sort of romance with descriptive sex scenes that I was not expecting. I wondered if people could hear what I was listening to and felt embarrassed. When I read a book, the sex scenes become repetitive so I just skip them; but with an audio, it is a bit harder. I would spend much more time trying to skip them so I listened. And there was my newfound passion about listening audio books. I have a few friends who told me they have tried it but could not get into it. I have a few other friends who are wondering about it but have not taken the leap yet.
There are only a few books so far that I have not been able to read. One, I could not get into the story. My mind kept drifting. Two of them, I could not stand the voices.

The voices. I don’t pay attention to the fine lines so I usually don’t remember names but I recognize the voices. So now I have decided to keep track of the narrators and check them out.

I’ve just finished the Fallen series narrated by Justin Eyre. So for about four weeks I was listening to this woman telling me a story and I got curious about her: who is she and what does she look like?

My last audio book, Second Honeymoon by James Patterson was read by Jay Snyder and Ellen Archer. I recognized Jay Snyder from the book Private LA. I love his voice!

It is not often there is more than one narrator, or at least from the books I have read so far. The one I can remember which had three narrators was ‘The Girl On The Train’, one of my favorite books for 2015.

The amount of background noises in Second Honeymoon surprised me. I can recall only one audio book which played a short musical introduction each time the serial killer’s chapter would start. With Second Honeymoon, there were gun shots, thrilling music when actions start and you could hear water splashing when the main character was chasing the villain on a jet ski. Still, it wasn’t too obvious to deter me from listening to the story. In fact, I enjoyed the added atmospheric sounds to make the scene even more dangerous or exciting.

I am now wondering how the publishers or the authors decide on how to make an audio book. I imagine adding background noises would be more expensive to produce.

Apparently, listening to audio book may have some kind of health benefits. I added “How audio books make you smarter – 7 little known ways audio books can boost your memory capacity and increase intelligence” to my list. It’s a short book so will have to find one hour to read it in one go.

I have been reading ‘438 Days: An Extraordinary True Story of Survival at Sea’ as part of the book reading challenge. The story is kind of interesting but I am not into it. A fisherman is lost at sea and the story tells how he survived for 438 Days. It is quite amazing, but I would be satisfied with someone telling me the story in a few words. The audio book I am currently listening to is one from Rob Lowe, narrated by himself. I chose him because I remember having a crush on him when I was a teenager but I can’t remember why. Which movie was he in? I can recall the posters plastered on my bedroom’s walls in between the ones of The Cure and A-Ha.