I only go to Facebook when I’ve been tagged. Or when I’m waiting for someone, I’ll browse my feed on my iPhone. Yesterday, in “the people you may know” feed, a name I had not heard in a very long time came up.

I automatically clicked on “Send friend request.” I would not have recognised her. Most of my childhood friends have not changed besides age showing on their faces. But for a few of them, it is like a total transformation. A vivid image of her came back to me though. If you watched the remake of the TV series V, my friend as a teenager reminds me of Anna – played by Morena Baccarin but a blonde version of her. Now she has long blonde hair.

Childhood Memories

Morena Baccarin as Anna from V on DeviantArt

We were never close friends. We just hung out from time to time. I met her through her sister who was in my class but she is a nerd so not the people I would normally hangout with back in those days. I guess the two sisters were extreme like my sister and I. My friend was an extrovert. She did whatever she wanted whenever she wanted and she could not care less about what others thought of her. She also has one of those French names you rarely heard of. I guess we had quite a few things in common and maybe that is why we got along. I don’t remember any bad blood between us.

The funny thing is she remembers one detail about me – a jacket she used to wear that I loved. I cannot recall it. She said it was a Michael Jackson type of jacket, dark blue and red. And because of some comments I made about that jacket that touched her, I became her influence where fashion was concerned. I just do not remember that jacket at all or whatever I could have said about it.

As we talked about this and that, I told her about my novel. She said it was awesome and she hoped “my family will read it to understand what I am trying to forgive them for.” Such a lovely thing to say and food for thought, I think. I am not sure I want my family to read anything I write though. She then added, “I will have to find someone to read it to me as I never understood English.” And then we went on talking about our English teacher.

I have no idea of the cost of having a book translated to sell it to non-English speaking countries. And I am not going to even consider it at this stage. I have enough publishing expenses to last me a lifetime.